History Health EZ

  • It’s very important to think for yourself. We’re living in a consumer world, where we’re fooled and misled, manipulated every day. When marketing comes in, it’s all about how can the customer be persuaded in such a way that it will buy product X instead of product Y, buy/consume more of this or that, making more money / increasing margins, etc.
  • Share my story and experiences and experiences of others to help each other.
  • Share information, recipes

HealthEZ is a non-profit organization aiming to create awareness, inspire, motivate, change lifestyle and eating / drinking habits to reach a more sustainable long run lifestyle / diet.

A big part of this is education in the basics of nutrition so that you can better understand and judge what’s good for you or not. Our focus point is your wellbeing, not selling a product, not trying to mislead you to make more profit.We are completely independent nor are we part of any food lobby. We also don’t promote any specific type of diet, only show you what’s real and what contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
Through a detailed website, videos and other informative means create awareness, consciousness about food, carb and sugar intake, sugar rush, nutrition label reading/understanding, processed foods, importance of fibers, Promote healthy, natural, raw, organic foods, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds etc. through easy to prepare dishes.

Aiming to show you how you, in an easy simple way, can eat better and healthier food. We will help by showing how to prepare easy, simple, tasty dishes for you and your family. Processed foods are famous for being cheap, quick and easy to prepare however, with the videos, recipes we want to show you that healthy food is even easier to make and a lot better for you. Focus on changing eating and drinking habits, exercise and reduce sedentary behavior.
What can you expect from us:

– Basic understanding of nutrition
– By showing that to eat healthy is a lot easier / quicker than you think.
– giving tips & tricks on how to gradually change your eating/drinking habits
– How to reduce significantly sugar intake
– Daily tips & tricks
– How to prepare food in a healthier way
– Must have stuff for in the kitchen, such as pots/pans, to make preparation easier.
– How to stay away from processed foods as much as possible
– Lots of recipes fast, easy and healthy
– Get the people back in the kitchen!!!
– The importance of sport / exercise
– and many more..

Our goal is to reach as much people as possible by spreading the word, creating a movement, showing commercials on TV and radio (for adults and kids) so please share this with your love ones, friends and family.

It is NOT a struggle or strict diet and it shouldn’t be!, it’s a change of lifestyle for the long run. Off course it’s full of ups and downs, like everything in life. But if you change your lifestyle slowly but steady the changes will stick.