Definition of Food

I’ve asked myself Is food the same as nutrition and nutrition the same as food?

What is food, what do you consider food, what is food to you? Do you consider sweets or cookies or potato chips, ’ food? Do you consider a soda being equal to mineral water a fluid good for you?
Do you consider a brownie or a cookie as being food?

Personally I don’t consider the above as being foods, why not? First because they are highly processed, I don’t know what it’s made of or how it’s made, processed in a place I don’t know, haven’t seen and contain substances of which I don’t know the origin and probably more stuff which although not proven and/or accepted by the FDA surely are not good for me.

For me nutrition is food, as the word already says it, contains nutrients, multiple nutrients. Any fresh foods from origin contain multiple macro, micro nutrients, water, fibers and often minerals.

Look at vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains/foods, mineral water, legumes, fish, chicken, meat, garlic, ginger,
These all contain a combination of macro nutrients together with micro nutrients.