Donate & Support

We want to inspire/educate/help as much people as possible by:

– Making an educational website with videos
– Get as much visibility as possible on the website, Google search, You Tube, etc.
– Create You tube / Facebook / Instagram accounts
– Write a book, offering it to the public at the lowest rate possible
– Prime time Commercials promoting, the consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole foods, nuts, seeds and other healthy foods
– Promotion/advertisement on TV and radio referring to website
– Offer workshops / presentations / lectures
– Talk to governments to get their support to spread the word, start campaigns and other initiatives
– and many more

As we are a non-profit organization and need funds to realize the above, donations / (financial) support / subsidies are more than welcome. We also offer the possibility to advertise on our website.
Note: reserves the right to reject the advertising of products or services that are not aligned with its views and vision.

This initiative has been realized with (financial) help from a lot of people, companies, institutes and organizations, a special thanks to:
– Ramon Verlooy – as a great friend for his support & ideas
– Pieter & Murvin from IT Molen B.V. as website constructor for their full support, ideas and help for this initiative
– …….

1. Book “Understanding Nutrition”,
2. De voedselzandloper,
3. Grain brain (het gluten gevaar),
4. The truth about food
5. Movies: fed up
6. Foodmatters
7. Supersize me