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Episode 10 Eet meer groenten en zie je koolhydraatconsumptie.

For a long time it was said that FAT was the problem of obesity and illnesses however, recently it has been proven and made clear that not FAT but sugar and carbs are the biggest problem. Our basis for any kind of meal is carbs, think about it: sandwiches, tacos, pizzas, pastas, hamburgers, rice, potatoes, etc. etc. It is clear that altogether we eat way too much carbs (prove to be shown in a video/example). 

For the last 15-20 I’ve been fascinated by food. And even since then thinking about what I eat, making decisions. For approx 15 I’ve been weighing the same approx 90 kg, almost very fanatic with sports; running, cycling, gym, etc. I had a period that I ran 1/2 marathons. Almost always eating healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables. I was traveling a lot which made a good diet a challenge but I was always determined and dedicated. Not having deserts every day when having dinner in restaurants etc. But I never lost weight, it was not that I felt fat or obese but for my length the ideal weight would be around 80-85kg. Then I came to me, I had a close look at what I even closer look at what I ate and realized that the majority of the foods I was consuming where all based on carbs, a lot of carbs. Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes,  This was the problem!!

We’re eating too much carbs and have a too high sugar intake.
Since approx. 5 years I’ve limited my carb intake drastically and moved the focus from carbs to vegetables and proteins.

– lost approx. 10 kg
– weight is stable
– feel a lot better
– Don’t have the necessity to eat every 2-3 hours
– I was clearly addicted to sugar / carbs. If I didn’t eat something every 2-3 hours (carbs) I would get irritated, bad mood, etc

What we eat???
– pizza = 90% carbs
– pasta = 85% carbs
– sandwich = 80-90% carbs
– rice dishes = 80% carbs
– Sushi = 80 % carbs
– wraps = 80% carbs