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Episode 1 Your health wake up call!

This is Martijn from with your wakeup call!!
In the 20-30-40-50-60-70 and feeling that your overweight and want to make some changes? Obesity It’s never too late.
How about if I tell that this is the latest revolutionary way of living where you will start feeling better, with more energy and more health, and it’s FREE!

Realize that your health depends so much on what you eat and drink. Don’t expect anybody to think about your healthy, there’s only one person responsible and that’s YOU. You make the choices you make, no one else. All the processed food companies, they’re not thinking about your health,

Don’t we all want to live and long and as healthy as possible? It’s been said some many times, you are what you eat and drink. So, what is it that you eat and drink every day, have you ever thought about it? Really thought about it??? Probably not, we eat and drink so much things without even thinking about it, due to habits, everybody does it, etc
Do you really think drinking a gallon or even a glass of coke is good for you?? Honestly I don’t believe you really think this, but Do you know that your body consists of approx.. 70% of water and not coke???
You can have a big car, house, all the things you want, but if you don’t have health the chances of dying due to a disease at a young age are significant.
So, you’re in it for the long run, right? No shortcuts will help. No thinking to look good for the summer and then after the summer fall back into your old habits.
Believe in yourself movement; Break through habits, believe, mostly in yourself. YOU can do it!
Don’t be too hard for yourself, 50 year feel good diet