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Episode 2 Energy in = energy out (in the ideal situation)

E in = E out – if this out of balance and you gain weight it means that you are consuming more energy than you use. If this out of balance and you lose weight it means you are using more energy than that you consume.
Rather simple right?
There are basically 3 plus one sources of energy: carbs, proteins, fat and alcohol.
So knowing this you have to be really conscience about what you eat and drink because, if you have an office job and you don’t do any exercise, you really don’t need that more energy intake.
Ok, say your 30 pounds overweight and you don’t think about what you eat and drinking and you don’t do any exercise. But you want to lose weight.
A 10 week diet with awful shake’s or going to the gym and train like a maniac, won’t last, this is too difficult, your body will protest, period.
What about if you make some little changes where you step a little out of your comfort zone, just a little and see where this brings you, sound doable, right?
In the next episode I’ll tell you all about the first couple of steps, don’t worry, easy ones…..