Frequent travelers

As a frequent traveler myself I’ve the (been travelling intensively for the last 15+ years.
The following:

In restaurants:

– Order salads when possible, dressing on the side.
– Drink water in the plane.
– Don’t accept and eat everything you are offered in the plane.
– Always! Bring along sports clothes / gear / running shoes, you can always go for a run or walk.
– Try to do your sports in the morning. Very often you won’t have time in the afternoon or night.
– Try to book a hotel with a gym. 
– When going out for dinner, don’t eat deserts every day. It’s very tempting. Or share desert.
– Learn to say no thank you.
– Try things but don’t eat all.
– Don’t feel the necessity to eat everything your get.
– Don’t eat the bread you get in a restaurant, kindly refuse when asked.
– Choose nuts instead of chips as snacks or even better veggies if available.
– Take the stairs at airports and in hotels. Down but also up.
– Stay standing when waiting to board.

In hotels:
– Take the stair more often, not only going down but also up.
– Use the elevator only when you have you suitcase with you.

At airports and in the plane:
– Stay standing instead of sitting down everywhere.
– Walk around just for the movement while waiting to board.
– Say no to the snacks / ‘lunches’ offered.
– If you have a night flight. Have a decent meal at the airport before boarding so that you can skip the food on board.

In the car:
– Try to buy healthier alternatives as snacks.
– Drink water. 
– Stop every couple of hours. 
– Do some mini exercises.