Health & Wellness

Healthy lifestyle

For me a healthy lifestyle starts with the right mindset and having the right attitude to promote health and wellness for yourself and the people around you. A healthy lifestyle is one where most of time (say 80-20) meaning 80% of the times you eat and drink it’s healthy, not or least possible processed, don’t drink sweetened beverages, your practicing sports 3-4 times a week (for 30-60min), sleep well and keep your stress levels low, good state of mind. So focus on:
1. Healthy diet
2. Exercise
3. Sleep
4. Avoid too much stress

Healthy lifestyle and the environment

We’re all talking about global warming, reducing footprint, sustainability, are blaming the large manufacturers, companies, But have you ever thought about how much energy / processes / etc to make a muffin? Tomato sauce, bread, pasta, pizza, Mc Donalds, etc.etc.?

Actually, If you aim for a healthy lifestyle you are definitely contributing to a better environment as you’ll be eat a lot less processed foods, biking to work, while doing outdoor sports, you’ll not be sitting at home using electricity, gas or whatsoever.
Think about it!!