My story – Why am I doing this?
For a couple of reasons:

  • It’s very important to think for yourself. We’re living in a consumer world, where we’re fooled and misled, manipulated every day. When marketing comes in, it’s all about how can the customer be persuaded in such a way that it will buy product X instead of product Y, buy/consume more of this or that, making more money / increasing margins, etc.
  • For the last 15-20 I’ve been fascinated by food. And even since then I’m thinking about what I eat&drink, making decisions on a daily basis. For approx. 15 years I’ve been weighing the same approx 90 kg, very fanatic with sports; running, cycling, gym, etc. I had a period that I ran 1/2 marathons. Almost always eating healthy with lots of vegetables and nutrient-dense foods. I was traveling a lot which made a good diet a challenge but I was always determined and dedicated. But I never lost weight, it was not that I felt fat or obese but for my length the ideal weight would be around 80-85kg. Then I came to me, I had a close look at what I even closer look at what I ate and realized that the majority of the foods I was consuming where all based and focused on carbs, a lot of carbs. Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, you name it, this was the problem!! I was eating too much carbs and had a too high added sugar intake.
    Since approx. 5 years I’ve limited my carb intake drastically and moved the focus from carbs to vegetables and proteins.
    – lost approx. 10 kg
    – weight is stable
    – feel a lot better
    – Don’t have the necessity to eat every 2-3 hours (I was clearly addicted to sugar / carbs. If I didn’t eat something every 2-3 hours (carbs) I would get irritated, bad mood, etc
  • My father died at an age of 53, my mom at 59. Both cancer, both heavy smokers at a younger age. My father never stopped smoking, was a heavy drinker / alcoholic and never ate healthy again after my mom divorced him. I miss them both very much and what makes me most sad is that my parents didn’t see me get married nor did they meet my kids…..

I’m 42 now, have a lovely wife and am a dad of two; 8-year old daughter and a bay boy.
This means if everything goes well, by the time I’m 60 my daughter might already have kids and the newborn will be around 18.
I want to be a grandad, I want to be able to play sports with my youngest child and be a big part of its life. I want to be healthy and be able to do what I want to do.

  • Because of what I’ve been through I’m a person that tries to live here and now as my live may be over at any time however, over time and very much because I have a family now, I do want to be in good shape as long as I’m alive, this drives me to take care of myself, eat & drink healthy as frequent as possible and live my life.

Your (possible) story

You’re in the 30-40-50tees, 20-50 pounds overweight and have no idea how you came here……. And also no idea how to get back in shape and loose these 20-50 extra pounds.
What happened???
Energy needs and nutrient intake not in balance. You’re consuming more kcalories (carbs (incl. alcohol), fat, proteins) OR not using the energy (exercise) OR both, which is usually the case.
Before turning 25nis you were doing a lot of sport activities, university, hobby, etc, etc. Then you started working, got married and a couple of kids, stopped sports, come home late / tired, eat-drink-sleep, day in day out. It pretty simple and understandable to be where you are now but this is the moment of change, you’re at a cross road, or you continue with the lifestyle you’re living and get more overweight / obese, health problems or you start moving in the direction of change, change of lifestyle, change of eating and drinking habits, change of sitting all the time and start moving.
A lot of health problems come from years and years of bad nutrition, day in day out drinking high sugar containing sodas, waters, juices, junk food, candy. Chips, etc etc. This doesn’t appear all of a sudden, your body in malfunctioning for a very long period of time and at some point it snaps.
All these short term diets, shakes, bars, etc etc will do the job but mostly make it worse later on.
You can’t expect for 40 pounds that took 10 years to grown, to leave quickly. This requires a lifestyle change from yourself, not from others, or some 40 dollar instant weight loss diet. This is a process that will take a couple of years but it’s long term we seeking, right? Don’t you want to be healthy and feel good for the coming 50 years??????? Or do you want to take one of these diets every 12 months, just before the summer to look good………
A good diet means, a mindset change, creating awareness, understand the difference between nutrient full food