Daily Tips & tricks

These are to help you along, if you make these routines then you’re already on the good way.


  1. Be more conscience and aware about what you eat and drink.
  2. Learn to say no to food offered in restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
  3. Compensate!!
  4. Replace unhealthy snacks by healthy ones.
  5. Go for the less processed, low sugar option when you have no real choice.
  6. Look at the label on the package to see what’s in it and understand the quantities (per serving, per 100gr, per piece, per ….)
  7. Stay as much as possible away from (chemically) processed foods. The more processed that more These foods contain a lot of sugar and/or salt and all kinds of other (chemical) substances you’ve never heard about.
  8. Reduce the amount of processed food intake.
  9. Realize that the food industry has a very strong lobby and that they don’t really care about your health.
  10. Our body consists of 70% of water, not coke, Diet Coke, juices, sport drinks, etc Stay away from these high sugar content liquids.
  11. Approx. 80% of your weight is defined by what you eat & drink, only 20% is by sports.
  12. Practice sports 3-4 times a week. Don’t exaggerate because you will not be able to keep up to it. Walking for 30min is actually already sufficient.
  13. Don’t be too tough on yourself. Remember it’s all about a life / habit changing. This takes time, be patient. Don’t expect miracles. E.g. if you drink coffee with 4  teaspoon of sugar, don’t stop radically, decrease gradually. One week 3,5 spoons, following week 3, etc. or make it even 2 week intervals.
  14. Drink spring water instead of purified water as spring water contains essential minerals.
  15. Eat whole foods instead of white rice, etc. whole foods are less processed and contain (more) essential and important nutrients.